F-troop has been running since 12 June 2011 and is the brainchild of Meg (previously VK6LUX) and Onno VK6FLAB. It was inspired by a net in Melbourne that was reportedly also called F-troop, but neither Meg or Onno have ever managed to find any other than cursory record of it.

This weekly net is made possible with the efforts of several groups and individuals who connect to the growing network of nodes and who maintain local repeaters and internet links.

The list below represents those we know about. If you're contributing to F-troop in any way and you've not been acknowledged here, please get in touch:, or check-in to the 'net.
  • The WA Repeater Group who maintain VK6RLM, the main repeater in use during F-troop within the Perth metropolitan area. 146.750 MHz - 600kHz.
  • Bob VK6ZGN for maintaining the original link from VK6RLM to the rest of the world, VK6ZGN-L, for connecting to Echolink, Allstar Link, and for explaining the finer points of network links during the early days of F-troop.
  • Tony VK3JED for maintaining Echolink Node *VK3JED* and IRLP Node 9558.
  • Glen VK4FARR for linking the Ipswitch & District Radio Club.
  • John VK6RX for maintaining VK6-HUB on the Allstar Link Network as well as the Brandmeister TG 505005 and the link between the two.
  • Mal VK8MT (previously VK6MT), for setting up originally in Manjimup and since then in the Northern Territory.
  • John VK6JB for linking in from Kalgoorlie.
  • Southern Electronics Group for maintaining and linking repeaters throughout the South West of Western Australia.
  • Dion KE4TLC, Richard W4JXA and Ronald IRN685 for linking the International Radio Network.
  • Robert VK2DY, John VK3HJQ, Norm ZL4NORM, Dave GW8SZL & Declan MW6SZL for building and maintaining the Australian & New Zealand Echolink Network.
  • Rob VK6LD for building many of the nodes that feature F-troop every week, Mt. Barker, Collie, Gnowangerup, Boyup Brook, Harvey and many others.