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20171014 - Allstar Network

posted Oct 13, 2017, 11:08 PM by Onno Benschop
Peter VK6LV sends in this information for whenever you are using the Allstar Network.

Note: Always make sure you disconnect the from the VK6 southwest hubs before connecting to any other hubs around the world.

How to: Disconnect from the Southwest VK6 Hubs, Connecting to the UK Allstar Hub, Disconnect from the UK Hub when you have finished, and then Reconnect the Southwest Hubs again.

  1. PTT + DTMF tone *76 will disconnect VK6RLM from the VK6 southwest hubs.

  2. To Connect to the UK Allstar hub: PTT + *3 41522.

  3. When you have finished with the UK Hub:

    PTT + DTMF tone *76 will disconnect VK6RLM from the UK Hub Network when you have finished.

    (You can only disconnect from the UK Hub network when there are no conversations taking place)

  4. PTT + DTMF tone *3 42732 will reconnect the VK6 southwest Hubs
Reconnect - *3 427 32 

You can use: http://stats.allstarlink.org/getstatus.cgi?28608 at any time to view the state of the Allstar connections.

#allstar #vk6lb