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20190105 - F-troop discussions

posted Jan 4, 2019, 5:21 PM by Onno Benschop
Many topics were covered during the net.

Ian VK6TWJ reminds us of the SSTV net:
  • Every Tuesday at 20:00 WST on 146.625 MHz, hosted by Glen VK6IQ.

Damien VK6FDEC reminds us that this week is the Scout Jamboree in Talem Bend South Australia. 
  • Look for VK3JAR for Echolink and IRLP connections and frequencies.

Charles NK8O shares with us some band filters / notch filters that can be used during a contest:

Brian VK6FFRA shares with us some information from Bob Rice about antennas:
Two videos by Bob Rice on Viemo.
    1. Portable horizontal multi-band dipole
    2. 7-band semi-vertical trap antenna
Included on these videos are some home-brew construction ideas for
    1. Capacitors using printed circuit boards (Vertical antenna)
    2. Coils (Horizontal) and a
    3. Dip meter using a circuit/BNC connector (Vertical) and an SWR meter. (Featuretech model which is the same one that I have hence the interest).
All are very neat and tidy homebrews!
Printed info on multi-band semi-vertical antenna

John VK6RX points us at a WIA submission to the ACMA about adding functionality to the Foundation License. It includes provisions for:
  • Permit use of digital transmission modes
  • Relax permitted transmission bandwidths
  • Add access to more frequency bands
  • Increase maximum power from 10 W to 50 W pX
  • Relax conditions to enable limited home construction and use of re-purposed transmitting equipment
  • Identify a 6-character callsign range to replace the current 7-character callsigns
The submission is on the WIA website:

There was discussion about horizontal vs. vertical noise. I've explained it previously here:

John VK6RX has just connected the VK6-HUB to the Brandmeister network which means that if you're on DMR you can now participate in F-troop. Details are here:
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