20140510 - AllStar Link on VK6RLM

Post date: May 9, 2014 11:42:13 PM

Bob, VK6ZGN who operates the AllStar Link on VK6RLM sends us this information:

Node 28608 - VK6ZGN 146.750 - (VK6RLM)

Perth - Western Australia

To connect to another AllStar node, use the Link Connect (*3) plus the node number.

For example, to connect to node 2000, use *32000. To Disconnect from a node, use the Link Disconnect (*1) plus the node number.

Echolink Connectivity (via AllStar node 28598 only)

From AllStar node 28598, Echolink connections look just like AllStar connections except the Echolink node numbers have been prefixed with a 3 and padded out to 7 digits with leading zeroes.

For instance, if you want to connect to Echolink node 1234 on the AllStar system you would dial *3 followed by 3001234. If you have a 6 digit Echolink node number 123456, you would dial *3 followed by 3123456.

To disconnect it is the same as above but instead of the *3 you would use the *1.

For users originating from an Echolink node using Echolink supplied software, nothing changes for them, they just dial the Echolink node number assigned to this system “909122” (VK6ZGN-L) and it should connect!

More Information

VK6MT has also set-up a web site that shows the state of a few AllStar node's and shows what nodes are connected. Also on that site there is a link called "Bubble Chart" this shows a graphical representation of the connected nodes.

It can be very interesting seeing how the various site are connected.