20151024 - JOTA in 1985 and 1993

Post date: Oct 24, 2015 1:06:50 AM

From Christine VK6ZLZ some photos from 1985 and 1993 JOTA activations:

1985 JOTA at Wireless Hill - The Wireless Institute of Australia and the Girl Guides were Both Celebrating their 75th Anniversaries - 1910-1985 - With Amateur Radio Operator's and the 1st 3rd 4th Melville, 1st Applecross, 1st Bateman, 1st Shelley, 1st Mt.Pleasant Guides and the Booragoon Ranger's taking part. Christine and Mark Bastin for the WIA pictured with Girl Guides Anna Maria Baliko and Bronwyn Warren of the 1st Mt.Pleasant Guides and Amanda Pogson and Stephanie Nichols of the 1st Applecross Guides.

1985 JOTA at Wireless Hill - with left to right - Amateur Radio Operator's VK6CC Craig Chew now ZL1ER - VK6LZ Cliff Bastin - VK6ZLZ Christine Bastin - VK6YL Gill Weaver - SWL Eric Smith Wireless Hill Museum Curator - VK6ZMG Douglas Gordon was the WIA Vice President and VK6 Division NewsWest Broadcast Officer and SWL Mark Bastin.

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