20151010 - VHF Multi-Path

Post date: Oct 10, 2015 12:45:53 AM

The signal path - Bicton to Stirling: 

The first aircraft was QJE 1804 (see below). It took off from Perth runway 24 and flew about 1 Km north of Bicton before turning North to fly up the coast. Multipath was experienced from about 2Km east of the signal path, as it crossed over the signal path, and during it's flight north up the coast. The multipath was not lost until the aircraft was due west of Stirling. 

The second aircraft was A333 which also took off from Perth airport runway 24 and flew over Bicton before turning north off the coast. The following screen shots were taken during the flight. Note the track of the aircraft and the multipath image in the waterfall.

More fun to be had here, but it is very interesting to see just how much influence a large aircraft has over the path. Now I know why I sometimes hear the aircraft passing overhead just after the multipath event.

#vk6xl #propagation #vhf