20190427 - Bridge Rectifier

Post date: Apr 28, 2019 1:37:40 AM

Charles NK8O shares this information:

Here is my schematic for placing a bridge rectifier on a 7 lug terminal strip.  I have the parts purchased and ready to go into an aluminium box, with the transformer on top.  B+ output will be 300v DC with a 6.3 VAC filament output.  If you follow right down the middle of the schematic, you can visualize the seven pin strip.  It was more of an exercise in visualizing parts layout than PS design.  This is a pretty standard layout.  B+ #2 will have a voltage drop that is dependent on the plate current in the device.  At 20 ma it *should* show a drop of just a little less than 15v, and at 40 ma, the drop will be around 50v.  Case will have earth ground on a GFI protected mains that only allows 4-5 ma of leakage before tripping off.

Bridge Rectifier

Device values:

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