20190223 - Homebrew Adventures

Post date: Feb 24, 2019 7:45:35 AM

Charles NK8O has been busy. He shares with us the following:

One day, I will run out of money, time, or brains.  One day.

Last week’s project: to get the displays sorted on the 40-30-20 meter Hilltopper radios.  I learned a little more about Arduino programming.  But only a little.  Now I need to figure out what sort of connector I can use to make the display optional, and create an outboard case for the display.  That adds flexibility to the radio for portable ops w/ w/o display.

Today’s project: 20 watt dummy load from QRP labs.  Post any, all, or none.


Charles - NK8O

Display for the Hilltopper-40 with a few added features.

Hilltopper 30 with display and programming cable attached.

20 meter Hilltopper with display and progamming cable.

20 watt dummy load assembly

and completed

And showing that it works as advertised with a 1:1 SWR, showing a 50 ohm load.

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