20201003 - Web Report

Post date: Oct 3, 2020 12:55:04 AM

Grant has been a long time web-listener and sends in this email:

Good morning Onno and all on.

Will be listening to Broardcastify via VK6HUB, in sunny Melbourne.

I recently built a UHF antenna so that I can connect it to my Uniden UBCD-436-PT radio scanner, to listen in on the ISS Amateur Repeater comms.

I tried it out this morning, without any contacts being heard. ( maybe all the ham operators were still snoozing after working contacts all night, haha)

I will try again tomorrow when the pass will be higher and almost overhead.

My antenna got a bit heavy to hold one handed, so some mods are required, either a lighter piece of timber or install a handle of some sort, and maybe a holder for the phone so I can keep an eye on ISS predicted path.

1, Plan

2, try

3, review

4, modify

Back to step 1

I suppose that is life of an experimenter.

Looking forward to the reduction of the restrictions we have in place here in Melbourne, already planning our trip to Perth next year to visit friends.

Cheers to all, I enjoy the ideas and stories from the FTROOP operators when I can listen in.



#iss #grant #broadcastify