20150328 - SO50

Post date: Mar 28, 2015 1:03:37 AM

Chris VK6FCBG and AMSAT­VK have asked us to let you know about a planned fun activity that will take place this Sunday afternoon at 4.15 local time. There will be a reasonably high pass pf Saudisat 1C or SO­50. So why don’t you come along and join a group of enthusiastic amateurs and see if you can make a QSO or two via satellite link.

You are welcome to bring your own gear, you will need a radio that will run both uhf and vhf and the best whip antenna that you have, although it is possible just to use the standard rubber ducky. You might need to be able to adjust your radio for example change UHF frequency as the bird passes over and also adjust your squelch levels, so if in doubt bring the manual! If you have a fox hunting antenna or other satellite equipment bring that along too. 

On the other hand, if you haven’t got any kit, don’t let that stop you joining us as there will be plenty of opportunity to use our gear to make a contact. So where will we be, on google maps, search for the red box cafe, Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, this is situated in the jet ski launching area that is close to the narrows bridge and the furthest westerly point of mill point road, i.e. west of the bridge, Maidenhead Grid square OF78WA and more precisely Latitude ­31.966491 Longitude 115.845551 or latitude ­31 degrees 57 minutes and 59.3675 seconds, longitude 115 degrees 50 minutes and 49.9836 seconds.

We will be there from about 3.45 pm today, Sunday to help people get set up. The pass starts the south west at 4.14, will be at 73 degrees height in the sky to the West North West at 4.20 and will disappear over the horizon to the North North east at 4.27. After the event we can all have a chat and maybe get a group photograph of what could be the biggest gathering of satellite amateurs ever in WA, so please join us at around 4pm today Sunday if you want further information sms me on 0403 676 629 thats 0403 676 629.

This is Andrew VK6AS for Chris VK6CBG and AMSAT­VK VHF 145.850 Up UHF 436.795 Down Doppler dependent.

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