20200229 - World Amateur Radio Day 2020

Post date: Feb 29, 2020 12:27:28 AM

Howdy, We spoke briefly on the F Troop net on Saturday morning. Here is the information about the fifth annual world amateur radio day you requested for your website. Definitely appreciate the promotion. Feel free to link up any systems that you would like for the event. And for that matter we are a very busy Equilink conference server and have a permanent connection into Australia via the ham conference. Feel free to join us anytime you were able for any of the nets and programs we have going.

"World Amateur Radio Day 2020"

For the 5th year anniversary.

Rochester, NY., March 10, 2020:  VOIP/ECHOLINK *DODROPIN* Conference node #355800 today announced that for the 5th  straight year, we will be participating in WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY 2020 on APRIL 18TH, 2020. 

In 2020 we are proud to announce we will have a special event call sign "W2W" has been secured for this event. As well as we will have a commemorative special event "WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY 2020" QSL Card. In celebration of our 5th anniversary we will also have a special certificate that will be available. We will have a 12 hour net with 10 different net controllers from all over the world. 


VOIP/ECHOLINK *DODROPIN* Conference node #355800

 16:00 - 04:00UTC(12 NOON EST-12 MIDNIGHT EST) via VOIP/ECHOLINK *DODROPIN* Conference node #355800/ W2JLD, VO1UKZ, MW6SZL, MW8SZL,KI7BR, 9Y4C, KB8ODF, KL4RCS Net Controllers. All stations from around the world are encouraged to check in.

73 De VO1UKZ

Darryll Warford

DODROPIN System Manager