20201114 - WWFF: Pike County Pocosin Complex in Alabama (KFF-3701)

Post date: Nov 14, 2020 2:00:30 AM

Charles NK8O shares with us his park activation during the week:

More parks for me. ATNO (A totally new one - for everyone) was on the list this week.

Pike County Pocosin Complex in Alabama. According to dictionary.com:

pocosin, [puh-KOH-suhn] n. Southeastern US: a swamp or marsh in an upland coastal region

Maybe closer to a bog in the Queen's English.

47 contacts, with EU coming in like gangbusters. My beloved KX2 is back in service.

Picture show pertinent views. Confession time: I left my linked dipole at my previous park, so I made a new one from what I had at hand, the box for a package of butter. Fortunately I did have some alligator clips in the car.

WWFF designation for Pike County Pocosin Complex is KFF-3701



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