20190420 - How to get a wire in a tree

Post date: Apr 20, 2019 1:07:57 AM

During the 'net this week we discussed several means of getting antenna wire into a tree.

Ben writes:

Arborists regularly need to install a climbing rope in a tree, and there has been specialised tools built to make it easier.

On the cheaper end is throwbags and throwline.

The weighted bags dont bounce off limbs as easily as solid weights, and are shaped to pass through foilage easier. The throwline is a thin strong line that flows out easily and slides easily over rough bark. Most arborists have 3-4 lines and weights to use together to select individual branches for their climbing line.

The Big Shot slingshot is available here in perth (Stihl Shop in Osbourne park) but im not sure how legal it is.



There is also a couple of companies making special fishing rigs for the DJI phantom - that allows you to drag a fishing line out, then drop it where needed - this may be more useful so you dont get the line caught up in the drone.

Ben adds:

The “using a throwline” video on this page

https://www.climbingarborist.com/basic-climbing-techniques/ might be helpful too.

Thanks to the participants of the net this week for their various suggestions.