20210110 - YOU ARE INVITED - FT-500!!

Post date: Jan 10, 2021 11:02:35 PM

No, it's NOT the latest RETRO Yaesu Transceiver - it's a celebration of 500 episodes of F-TROOP - the net for new and returning HAMS.




23rd January 2021

Obviously F-troop starts at 8am Western, midnight UTC, but we'll be there from 7am WST.

WIRELESS HILL - Telefunken Drive (off McCallum Cres) - Applecross.

The idea is to get anyone who is interested, and as many local F-TROOP regulars are newbies to meet up as part of celebrating 500 episodes of F-TROOP.

So, for those in VK6 and those who will be flying in for the event and breaking quarantine - we'll be at the park at Wireless Hill.

Meet up, a light breakfast, getting ON-AIR and making some noise.

For those who know they are definitely coming, it would be good to get RSVPs to help me cater for breakfast, otherwise if you want to play it by ear - you're welcome to just turn up on the morning and join us.

Please RVSP by 12noon - Wednesday 20th January.

Please feel free to pass this invite on to others.

You can RSVP, to ME, by e-mail vk6paw@gmail.com, or phoning/SMS'ing +61 411 434 801.

Glynn VK6PAW