20191123 - Various Topics of Conversation

Post date: Nov 23, 2019 12:47:29 AM

Bryan VK6PVC suggests this to compare a beverage on ground to magnetic loop:

Also, a video channel that describes how to convert a TV antenna into 2m/70cm/6m

Shaun VK6BEK suggests that the FISTS down under is organising a CW contest in December that will be set up at a time that's suitable for 40m.

The contest is on the Fists Down Under Contests link. It is straight key only but I like this because it is fairly low paced and if you bugger up sending or receiving everyone is patient. If you ever listen to the 6pm SSB bunfight that is low band 40m CW you will understand why it is called Dodgems.

Also shortened radials on the ground for a vertical. Check out Callum M0MCX's YouTube channel and website.

I heard about the lots of shorter radials on the ground approach from Callum M0MCX who has hundreds of Youtube videos.  His 3 videos on radials are interesting. He is a very interesting guy all round .  It is a pleasure to watch his live operating videos when they are on (or later).  A real professional operator.

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