20150307 - Lots of topics of conversation

Post date: Mar 7, 2015 5:00:58 AM

Andrew VK6WAM has lots of information to share. The first is Lewis VK6FLEW who asked more questions about HF, but also about DX Clusters.

One great suggestion from Andrew VK6AS, was to listen to the WIA news on ~3.585 at 7PM, to get your receiving confidence up.


This lead to things like the IARU Beacons:

and our other local beacons:

for the same thing.

DX Cluster

​On the DX cluster question ​DX Summit is very popular:


I mentioned the WSPR network as a indicator of propagation:

​with its map:

Reverse Beacon

There is also the reverse beacon network:

Regenerative Receiver

I mentioned that my next project is a simple regenerative receiver.

I will probably build this one from Peter Parker VK3YE

There are lots of designs our there including this one from the ARRL:

I would like to end up building on with coverage from 80m-10m.

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