20140705 - Why is F-troop moving?

Post date: Jul 5, 2014 12:53:43 AM

We are working on moving F-troop from VK6RAP to VK6RLM. The move is anticipated for the first show in August 2014. The new frequency is going to be 146.750 MHz, with a negative offset of 600 kHz. We'll continue to host the 'net on the *VK3JED* Echolink conference and IRLP node 9558.


Currently we use the gracious support from volunteers like Ronald, VK6XS and Allen, VK6XL to host the link from the repeater to Echolink. They need to have a radio, a computer and set aside the time to make this possible. These volunteers often use their normal day-to-day computer, which requires them to keep configuring their audio, their radio and the like. This is not a simple case of switching on the same gear with the same settings every week.

The move to VK6RLM offers us the ability to use a permanent hosted link provided by Bob, VK6ZGN. He hosts an Allstar Link node that is permanently operated on this repeater. Allstar Link offers us the ability to link to Echolink in an automatic manner. We can also facilitate links to other nodes and it offers us the ability to experiment with a new amateur radio technology.

What else will change?

Nothing. As far the net is concerned, it will still run for an hour. It will start 8:00 WST, or 0:00 UTC, Saturday morning. It will still be a "weekly net for new and returning hams". Anyone on frequency is welcome to call in.