Getting an Amateur License in Australia


Amateur Radio Licensing is regulated by law. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is in charge of determining what the License Conditions Determination (LCD) says (which in turn is an interpretation of the Radio Communications Act).

As of 2005 there are three license levels with differing levels of responsibility and training:

Morse Code is not a requirement for obtaining an Amateur License, hasn't been since 2005.

AMC Amateur Radio at the Australian Maritime College (AMC), part of the University of Tasmania, is responsible for the management of all functions associated with amateur radio examination services in Australia1.

The AMC AR home page for Amateur Licensing contains links to fees and charges as well as contact details for assessors in your area.


Essentially, you'll learn the material required for the license you're looking to obtain and then an assessor will test you. The AMC will issue the Certificate of Proficiency (proof that you're capable), a call sign will be recommended by AMC, allocated by the ACMA and you'll be issued a license by the ACMA and you'll be licensed.

There are on-line training providers, as well as classroom settings. You'll find local clubs who provide training as well as individuals who can help you out. There are also provisions for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

The items you'll be tested on are documented in a syllabus. Copies of the syllabus for each of the license levels are linked at the bottom of this page and can also be found on the AMC AR website.


Costs for an exam2 are $90 for the exam, $25 - $60 for the call sign2, depending on where you are and what you need, $80 for your initial license3 and $55 per year thereafter3 (you can also renew for a period of 5 years). 

Note that you'll be paying several different organisations:


You can find other training information at various clubs and web-sites:

International Amateurs

If you have an amateur license from another country, the ACMA maintains a page of information for visitors and immigrants. It describes what reciprocal agreements and processes exist. This information changes from time-to-time, so check before you travel.

If you're visiting, you may be able to operate using your own license:

If you're moving to Australia, the above page contains "Table A", which provides a list of license equivalence4:

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