20190427 - Bluetooth Question

Post date: Apr 28, 2019 1:34:52 AM

Stephen VK2FCVD sends in this query:

I am looking for info on how to configure HC-05 Bluetooth module to 57600baud

I have found this info but not sure on how to go about it

Stephen Ford VK2FCVD 73s

From Stephen's email:

Add Bluetooth Module To Your MINI60 HF Antenna Analyser

A while ago I purchased a "MINI60 HF Antenna Analyser" from Ebay to test some home-made antennas. I was disapointed to find it did not have the bluetooth module installed as I had seen on other MINI60 units I have used. The seller was adamant I was too stupid to notice his product excluded the bluetooth functionality that it should have, and it was just too bad for me... He got appropriate feedback ;-)

I decided to purchase a HC-05 bluetooth module from a local supplier, configured it to 57600baud but the original MINI60.apk android app won't detect the MINI60 device paired by bluetooth. It appears the developer of the original MINI60.apk app hard-coded it to work with only 4 specific MAC addresses - to suit only the bluetooth modules they supplied of course and they say the MINI60 also needs a firmware update to use the bluetooth module. This is lies! Any SARK-100 or MINI60 firmware will work with bluetooth.

After a bit of digging I found others had the same issue and a clever person has redesigned the MINI60 android app to work with all bluetooth MAC addresses so any HC-05 (or possiobly HC-06) bluetooth module will work. Also this modified app scales to the screen size better so the bottom line of frequencies is not chopped off.


These basic instructions will work for the MINI60, or any other SARK-100 clone

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