20200201 - AMBE

Post date: Feb 1, 2020 1:39:38 AM

Robert VK2DY shares with us:

There are two apps on the play store. BlueDV and BlueDV Ambe.

BlueDV Ambe works with a ThumbDV plugged into the phone through an OTG cable. 

BlueDV works with a remote system (Windows or Linux), you plug the ThumbDV into the remote system and run a piece of software called AMBESever. Once the AMBE Server is running, you load BlueDV on your phone and provide the IP address of the machine you are running your server on. Inside your LAN it's just 192.168.xx.xx If you are leaving your LAN you need to run one of the free fixed IP services on the AMBE Sever machine and use that address. 

The advantage of using the OTG cable is simplicity, the advantage of an AMBE Server is the fact that ThumbDV is a power hog, it will drain your phone much quicker.


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